An exclusive manufacturing process

Our industrial Cubic Printing process enables us to customize products of any composition and shape, obtaining results that are exceptionally and aesthetically impressive. We offer our experience in the preparation and processing of any material.
Our aim

is to guarantee the excellence and uniqueness of every single process

We believe

in the importance of attention to detail, in order to obtain high-quality products

We want

to be your partner and accompany you towards the ideal solution

Our production solutions enable us to customize a wide range of objects for the various industry sectors. This type of decoration accesses a vast catalogue of textures, replicating natural or fancy effects, allowing us to suitably meet any requirement.
Step 1<br />
<b>Raw detail</b>

Step 1
Raw detail

Step 2<br />
<b>Coloured base coat</b>

Step 2
Coloured base coat

Step 3<br />
<b> Cubic print</b>

Step 3
Cubic print

Step 4<br />
<b>Protective top coat</b>

Step 4
Protective top coat

Cubik Service was founded in 1987 as a licensee of “Cubic Print Method” by TAICA Corp. It has been under the control and coordination of Quaser Srl since April 2017. Nowadays, we operate in the following sectors: automotive, biomedical, small household appliances, sports, furniture. Thanks to our flexibility and product know-how, we can serve hi-tech companies and manufacture tailor-made products, even in small batches.
1 Automatic cubicling line
3.000 sqm of Operating Area
>15 Collaborators
>15 Commercial Sectors
Robotic painting lines
5 Served Countries
1.000.000 Pieces decorated in 1 year
>25 Customers
We work every day with leading international brands in their respective sectors, which have chosen us and continue to choose us for the quality of our products and production processes.

Certified quality.
All our manufacturing processes
comply with regulation
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 

We are a team of professionals full of passion and enthusiasm for our work. Our group is made up of personnel with different experience and professionalism, enabling us to offer diversified, innovative solutions to meet every requirement, thus achieving the best results in the industry.